Welcome to the SyberWatch Discord Bot

What is SyberWatch?

SyberWatch is a unique and fun Economy and RPG style Game Bot for Discord. The game offers a variety of commands, content, features, updates and is online 24/7. New content is added regularly and announcements and updates are posted often. Note: The game and is currently in the Alpha Stage and is still being developed, but we will be moving to Beta in the near future as we push towards the full Game release . In the meantime though we need people to play test the game and provide suggestions, comments and feedback: You will be rewarded (in-game) when it goes live!

Game Features

How to Play!

In SyberWatch the player start off by creating a Nation and building it into a vast empire. This is done by purchasing Infrastructure to boost the Nation’s Citizen count, which will produce Tax. You use the Tax to develop your Economic and Military strength! Purchase Land to expand your Nation and Technology to develop and build your Military Sector by Sea, Air, Land and even Space. Players have the opportunity to setup a Government, build Economic, Social and Military Improvements and trade Resources with other Players. So what are you waiting for! Compete to become the most powerful Nation in the game!

Important: The Military sector of the game is currently being developed and will continually be expanded upon.

Need Help?

If you are new to SyberWatch there are several ways to get help and learn how to play the game including:

  • Completing the in Game Tutorial and read over the help section
  • Check out the Wiki on this site which lists all commands and information about the Game.
  • Read and ask questions on our Official Discord or the Forums.
  • Read the F.A.Q. and watch the New Players Guide Video


SyberWatch is still very new and we have already received alot of positive feedback. We plan to make this the best game Bot possible and we recently moved it over to a Server due to the amount of people playing the game. This allows the Bot to run smoother and be online 24/7. However, this now means we have a monthly Server Cost for the bot and a monthly hosting cost for the Website which we just opened.

Vote For Us

SyberWatch offers a Daily Reward Bonus that can be claimed every 24 hours in game. The only requirement to claim the bonus is by Voting for the Bot on the DiscordBots Website. If you have suggestions or other ideas for the Daily Reward please let us know.

Bot Permissions

The SyberWatch Discord Bot requires the following permissions:

  • SyberWatch Bot Read Messages
  • SyberWatch Bot Send Messages

  • SyberWatch Bot Manage Messages
  • SyberWatch Bot Embed Links
  • SyberWatch Bot Read Message History
  • SyberWatch Bot Add Reactions
  • SyberWatch Bot User External Emojis