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Welcome to the SyberWatch Wiki

We are a collaborative community for The Discord League of Nations(LON) Bot inclusive of our many 1500+ members with successful nations and awesome roleplay in politics and battles for domination of other lands. SyberWatch is currently active in over 2500 discord servers and has up to 9000 users. Since the release of the bot, we have surely seen success and have gotten great feedback from our users due to the nature of the game.

To display care and sheer appreciation of our members, a Training Camp was recently introduced to all of our users offering them individual attention and assistance by providing them with practical and in-depth knowledge of the game, resulting in them having prosperous nations.

We took great pleasure in bringing something new and unique to the table and there are continuous updates being launched, making the game more exciting and enjoyable for all our users. We are also highly interactive with our users and have an open forum where they are allowed to submit their suggestions and discuss ideas with the Developer and his team.

The Bot

The LON Bot was strategically designed and coded in May of 2018 by discord user Yz#8629. The bot consists of multiple functions and serves as an RPG Bot, which has the features that allow you to create your own nation with the advantage of selecting from the top 10 most common forms of governments known in real life. With this feature you can run your nation however you choose, select your nation's very own resources and a vast array of improvements are also available. The virtual currency featured in this RPG is in (£)GBP which is generated by the bot, you pay bills, collect taxes and provide for your nation as any real-life government would and eventually your nation rises to unlimited power.

The really fun part is that you can create or enter factions/alliances, you also have the option of being neutral or non-neutral. Non-neutrals have the benefit of going to war with other nations/alliances and claiming power after the defeat of these alliances. With the warlike bot features, you can build your very own tanks, missiles, aircraft, naval army etc eventually the "nuke" feature will be added which we anxiously await! Set up your own Labor & Guerrilla Camps, Naval Construction facilities, Weapons factories, Shipyards, Harbors, defense systems etc.

Join in the fun and dare to conquer and rule other lands, be the wealthiest and most powerful nation/ alliance by being part of the SyberWatch Community!

Recent News


A Riot Broke Out In Lon Main.

The Dragon

But we can roleplay to death and savage each other, till then.